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Throughout the years of working in the hospitality industry, I took notice to how flowers not only can transform any space, but the positive effect that they unconsciously have on people around them.


Now realizing some of their benefits,  I decided to continuously have flowers in my home so my family and I could enjoy their positive effects!


When we got hit by Covid-19, I couldn’t get flowers as I normally would and what a difference that made (for worse)!


This definitely confirmed for me that flowers not only make a place look beautiful, but they also have the power of bringing us so much joy! Once I could get flowers again, I promised that I wanted other people to experience the benefits of having them around. And this is when Joyful Blooms was born!
I assure you that flowers will positively impact your emotions once you allow them to be a part of your daily life!


Flowers are special, we are special, we matter, and our joy matters!

-Paula|Creator|Floral Designer

Experience Joyful Blooms

We create out of the box floral designs inspired by nature, art and fashion. Each of our "story telling" pieces are unique and playful!

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Stunning and modern arrangements to brighten up your home and mood

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Bespoke arrangements to boost your brand by elevating your client's experience 

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Modern and unique findings to treat yourself or to give to a special person

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Have you ever felt that time is "flying"?


Sometimes we live on "auto-pilot", always busy and surrounded by concrete and technology.
This somehow has made us forget that we are
nature and we need to connect with it for our well-being!


We deliver flower arrangements to your doorstep on a regular basis.
Continuously having flowers in our home or office will remind us
to pause, to breath, to connect

and to live in the present moment through flowers!

Here are just some of the benefits flowers give us:


🌻They make us smile reducing our stress levels

🌻They increase happiness, reduce depression and anxiety

🌻They wake up our senses through their colors, textures and colors

🌻They increase levels of positive energy in a space

Get a subscription for yourself or for a special person as a gift

Everyday we can be joyful & every new day is life at bloom!




Opt to make flowers a part of your daily life and experience the positive effects they will have on you.

Select Frequency

Choose how often you'd like your flowers delivered: recurring weekly or bi-weekly.


We deliver ready to display flowers.  Place your arrangement where you'd like in your house or office and enjoy!



✔We deliver arrangements ready to be displayed, no bouquets and instructions involved like many other places

​✔We create modern and playful arrangements in unique vases


✔We offer personalized service. We will personally deliver your flowers to your doorstep!

✔We pick the best quality flowers so you can enjoy your beautiful arrangements longer!

​✔Having guests over? Having flowers in your home at all times means you’ll always have an arrangement to display for your guests.

​✔ We know that in Florida is difficult sometimes to “feel” the seasons but with our arrangements you’ll always know what season we are in as we get inspired and design based on seasons!

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Beautiful flowers, positioned strategically in a space, will make your customers feel welcome and elevate your brand by creating unforgettable client experiences.  



With our modern and artistic flower arrangements, your customers will rave about your

space creating brand buzz that will increase revenue in the long run!

Your customers are savvy, they are on social media, they travel the world and yes, they compare.

Don't miss out on an enormous opportunity to create great first impressions, implement,

promote and sustain your brand through flowers!

Join our annual program and experience the power of our flowers!




We will determine key spaces within your property where  florals will create an impact. We will also discuss your annual budget and goals for your brand aesthetics.


We will submit a custom floral proposal based on your needs. The proposal will include the proposed style of flower design, overall cost and logistics required to execute.


The contract will outline everything we've agreed upon in the proposal including design elements included, completion date, overall scope of work and information as such.


Every element on your property contributes to your client's "experience map". Let our bespoke floral designs speak for themselves and immerse your customers in the experience.

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