• Paula Anger

Mommy and Son Date Idea

Last week, I had a full day to spend with my 9 month old baby, James (JimmyRich). He doesn’t go to daycare yet, and he spends most of his time at home. I didn’t want the same routine for him, so I decided I wanted to bring him somewhere new. Summers in Florida are known to be extremely hot, so I didn’t want to bring him outdoors, and I was looking for more of an indoor playground. I conducted some research and came across numerous places, but most of them required a membership, which I didn’t want to commit to.

My search eventually led me to, “We rock the spectrum kid’s gym”, in BocaRaton, FL. I saw some pictures online, and it seemed like an inviting place, so I decided to give it a try with James. When we got there, we were welcomed by the front desk staff, who was very friendly and thorough in explaining prices, as well as how the playground worked. Originally, the prices comes out to $14 for 3 hours, but they offer deals as well. These deals include your visit being cheaper each time. Essentially, if you purchase 5-6 visits, it would come out to around $55, which would turn into $9-$10 a visit, with the first visit being free. With the range of activities they provide, I found that the price was great.

They also include different types of games, toys, and activities such as rock climbing and zip lining. They had an area designated for toddlers, which was especially great for James. He was very aware of his environment, and enjoyed observing everything around him, including other kids playing. Overall, we had a great time together and spent nearly three hours there.

Aside from providing a fun place where you can take your kids "We Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym Boca Raton" also offers daycare for kids with special needs, and they also rent their place for private parties. I will definitely keep them in mind to host one of James’ parties there when he’s a bit older. All in all, I highly recommend this place. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming; we can’t wait to go back!

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