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Why You Shouldn't Have a Thanksgiving Wedding

I’ve had a few clients in the past ask me what I thought of scheduling their wedding day on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a holiday to spend with friends and family, so why not have a Thanksgiving wedding where you can catch up and celebrate with your loved ones? My feelings are that it’s probably not a very good idea.

thanksgiving wedding table

Not Everybody Will Join You

Your friends will most likely be hesitant to consider attending the wedding since they have their own family they want to spend this holiday with as part of their tradition.

Although, you might have some friends who don’t have a place to spend the holiday and they will be happy to attend your wedding, for the most part your probabilities of having all your friends are pretty low.

What about your family? Perhaps they have other family get-togethers to attend to besides yours.


If you have out of state family members or friends that are considering attending your wedding, the more expensive airplane tickets might make them change their minds.

Thanksgiving is a well-traveled holiday and airplane tickets can go up sky high which will make some of your loved ones pass on your wedding.


At this time of the year there are tons of reunions that vendors are hired for. Not to mention, they most likely have a family they want to spend this holiday with as well.

So take into account their sometimes ridiculously busy schedules during this time of year. They might say yes to taking on your wedding, but do you really want them away from their home during this time?

Thanksgiving may seem like a great occasion to celebrate your special day, it’s a great and memorable holiday full of warmth and blessings. But I urge you to re-consider it. It may create more chaos than happiness.


Paula Anger is a Delray Beach Certified Wedding Planner, owner of Verano Events and author of *Verano's Essential Wedding Guide*. Paula has been in the event's and fashion industry for over 10 years and has worked with well-known celebrities. Contact us:

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