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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Married in Delray Beach, FL

Florida is one of the most popular places to get married in the world. With more than a thousand miles of coastline and some of the most beautiful beaches, Florida is definitely a perfect location to host your wedding.


Among the vast array of ideal locations throughout Florida such as Key West, Destin, Miami, just to name a few, there's a small yet charming town to the East of South Florida called Delray Beach, the "Village by the Sea".

Delray Beach is located in between Boca Raton (to the South) and Boynton Beach (to the North).

The city of Delray Beach features over two miles of lush public beaches where people can get married virtually at no cost! However there are a few general rules to follow. For more info you can visit:

For marriage license's info please visit:


Venues/Hotels and Vendors.-

If you are thinking of hosting your wedding at a hotel along the coastline, there are a limited number choices that are directly on the beach. "The Seagate Beach Club", "Wright by The Sea", "The Colony Beach Club" and "The Delray Sands Resort in Highland Beach" are hotels right on the beach.

The gorgeous and statuesque, "Marriot Hotel" is not directly on the beach, but is a great coastline choice as well, where you have the beach directly across the street.

If being directly on the beach isn't your concern, the list of extravagant and picturesque venues continues and there are so many other options to choose from.

No matter what hotel / venue style you are looking for, Delray Beach has you covered!

When planning a wedding in any new location, you have to keep in mind the certain vendors that are essential to making your big day come together.

Having the pleasure to work with a lot of them I can tell you that Delray is well equipped with a ton of very talented and professional vendors to choose from to make your vision come to life!

bartender delray beach


Florida is known as, "The Sunshine State" and even though we have mostly beautiful days throughout the year, there are some important factors to consider; hurricane season, months that are extremely hot and humid, and rainy days.

You need to consider these factors mostly if you are planning on getting married outdoors or do any part of the affair that would be affected by these conditions.

For more weather info on Delray Beach, you can check out:

delray beach weather


Costs of your wedding can really depend on the venue or hotel, number of guests, amount of decorations and details , time of the year (peak or off peak season), among a plethora of other factors.

But if you are worried about having a low-ish budget but still want to get married in Delray, there is definitely hope! An average starting price for 80 guests in Delray Beach, FL can start on the bottom-end of around $15,000+ with a lot of things included.

The best bet to dive deeper into finding out if certain venues and details can fit your budget is to drop us a line here at Verano Events and we can walk you through typical costs and options to make it happen no matter what! :)

Around Delray Beach.-

Outside of your wedding, there are tons of things to do around town, from visiting the upbeat and vibrant downtown, to doing activities such as snorkeling, fishing or learning how to surf at the award-winning beaches.

You are going to fall in love with the warmth of its residents, the culture and activities that you can experience pre and post wedding.

No matter if you’re a Floridian, or you're planning a destination wedding, I promise that Delray Beach won’t disappoint you.


Paula Anger is a Delray Beach Certified Wedding Planner, owner of Verano Events and author of *Verano's Essential Wedding Guide*. Paula has been in the event's and fashion industry for over 10 years and has worked with well-known celebrities. Contact me:

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