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3 Common Mistakes Brides Tend to Make That Can Ruin Their Wedding Day

To plan it myself, or not to plan it myself.. that is the question. Most people think that hiring a Wedding Planner can be costly or even unnecessary but I'd like you to really consider a few things before making your choice.

A wedding planner is an experienced specialist in the field and will be your right hand and guide you throughout the whole process.

Through their many established relationships with vendors and locations, they can save you major money and make the whole process stress-free.

However, some people don’t realize this and they decide to plan their own wedding which is totally ok if you are happy to do it.

So if you are a bride to be, then keep reading this article so you don’t make these common mistakes.


Having a timeline for the wedding day is imperative. It not only works to know exactly the what when and where, but it also works so that all vendors who are involved with the whole production are on the same page.

Don’t expect your vendors to automatically know what to do or remember, because even if they know, a timeline will work as a guide for them and for everyone involved in making your wedding a success.

wedding to do list


Before hiring a DJ or Band, do some research and get to know them. DJs and bands have their own tastes and sometimes they specialize in a certain types of music and feels such as Top 40s, Spanish or Country, for example.

So be sure to hire a musical act that relates to you, your tastes, and the feel you want to convey.

Moreover, take charge a bit and provide them with a playlist and some instructions so that they don't end up filling in the blanks and making choices you or your guests would abject to.

Imagine you hate rock for instant and your DJ is a big fan of it and 80% of his playlist is this type of music? Doesn’t sound like fun right?

So do yourself a favor and start working on a playlist to clearly guide them. If you don’t have the patience and/or time to create one then at least tell them in advance what type of music you would like them to play and what to avoid, as well as any specific requests.

dj delray beach


If you planned your own wedding and didn’t hire a Day Of Coordinator then make sure everyone is on the same page.

Don’t expect people such as your wedding party and family (who are usually the helpers when there’s no wedding planner) to know what exactly they need to do.

People can’t read your mind so before the wedding day organize a get together and explain your vision and all the details in depth so that everything or at least the majority of it goes as planned.

A get together is a time where any questions or doubts needs to be clarified, not on your wedding day.

Also take into account that some people like to drink more than others so after a couple of drinks they can forget their duties.

If everyone is on the same page, they are responsible and know exactly where, what, or who they need to help then you will have more chances of having a stress-free wedding where you will be able to enjoy.

Lastly, a quick an easy way to avoid any of these mistakes is to hire a professional planner who will take care of all of this and more so the only thing on your mind is how incredible and memorable this special day will be to you.

delray beach wedding

Paula Anger is a Delray Beach Certified Wedding Planner, owner of Verano Events and author of *Verano's Essential Wedding Guide*. Paula has been in the event's and fashion industry for over 10 years and has worked with well-known celebrities. Connect with us:

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