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What should you include with your wedding invitations?

Including certain print materials along with your invitations may vary depending on the style of your wedding; if it's a destination wedding, or if your wedding has some twists that your guests should know about for example.

Down below, I'm listing some of the most common items wedding invitations can / should include:

wedding invitations


Sometimes couples forget to include key information in their invitations. Wedding invitations should include the time, date, ceremony/reception location, the brides and grooms names and often times the wedding attire.

Always have your invitations reviewed by 2 or more people to spot any incorrect information or typos.


RSVP cards should include an envelope with a stamp already on it for the convenience of your guests. RSVP cards also include the meal choice.

*Two fun ways to personalize this could be to add a "Favorite Song Request," as well as a personalized stamp with your picture on it sold in many places such as

Keep in mind that nowadays more people use technology to reply, so you can choose to include one or two other options on your response cards such as a phone number and/or an email where guests can text or email their RSVP.

If you are having a custom website made for your wedding, including a physical RSVP card in the mail is still expected for guests who prefer paper options.

You can always list your website on the RSVP cards and suggest that whoever wants to do it online can do so.

wedding invitation purple


If your weddings in a common place such as a well known hotel or venue, then you can simply include the address in the invitation.

However, if it's going to be held at a remote location where guests may have trouble getting there then a directions card is a must.


If you're planning a destination wedding, accommodation cards would be very appreciated by your guests.

Even if you're getting married locally and have out of town guests, you could still make some engaging accommodation cards with some helpful information about hotel accommodations, general info about the town and activities around town, as well as transportation etc.


Weekend wedding celebrations are gaining popularity and if you're having one of these, then a weekend itinerary is a must! Include the full weekend itinerary so your guests know when, where, and what time they are expected at locations.

These cards would definitely help your guests prepare in advance so they don't take anything by surprise or confusion.

wedding ginvitation belly band


If you are sending different printed materials, a belly band will nicely hold all the items together. You can opt to decorate the band based on your style (optional).

7. and don't forget the ENVELOPES AND STAMPS

wedding postage

Postage vary on weight and thicknesses so if you are DIY then head to your closest local post office for them to weight your package and let you know how many stamps you will need.

Lastly, have fun with customizing and personalizing these print materials if you have the ability. It's always great to share a little something special about you two somewhere among these things.

Make an unforgettable statement and have all your wedding materials customized!


Paula Anger is a Delray Beach Certified Wedding Planner, owner of Verano Events and author of *Verano's Essential Wedding Guide*. Paula has been in the event's and fashion industry for over 10 years and has worked with well-known celebrities. Connect with us:

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