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How Your Wedding Can Turn Into a Nightmare

Planning a wedding is a beautiful thing. It should be a flawless task however, when you don’t know how to efficiently put all the parts of the puzzle together, this flawless task can become somewhat of a nightmare!

I’d like to share with you some tips so your planning and wedding day are as whimsical and enjoyable as you deserve!

And what you truly deserve is probably a wedding planner :) Here are 7 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner to ensure a smooth, positive and unforgettable journey.

1. Your friends and family are not professional wedding planners


Stress and Energy: The more people you involve in the planning process, the more opinions you will have as well as more people to fill in with every decision.

More people can lead to miscommunication, problems, and that’s when conflict may arise. I’m sure you would want to preserve healthy relationships with family and friends especially at this important time of your life. Free Time: Before you start delegating planning responsibilities to your friends and family, remember that they have their own lives, and their schedules may be hectic.

Check with each of them to make sure they will have the time required throughout the planning process since planning a wedding requires a lot of time and patience.

Experience: Even if your friends and family have the time, are reliable and are willing to help, keep in mind that they may not have the necessary skills and knowledge of the wedding industry.

Fixing problems that pop up from inaccurate decisions can take time and a lot of energy from you.

Day of responsibilities: If you have your friends & family delegated to do work on your special day, they are not going to enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

Moreover, even if they want the best for you, between some drinks and catching up with friends, they might forget or delay certain tasks that need to be taken care.

2. Your venue coordinator is not your real wedding planner!

wedding coordinator

Nowadays more and more venues are changing the name of their venue coordinators to “wedding planners”. However, venue coordinators are not your real wedding planners and they are mainly there to make sure that the venue’s interests are being taken care of.

Venue coordinators don’t really work closely with you on all the details you need to work on before your wedding.

Don’t expect to text them 5 times a day and get a reply every time. A wedding planner would be there for you for any questions or concerns because they work for you and venue coordinators work for the hotel.

3. You don’t have time!

wedding time

Planning a wedding is more complex than people think. From following budget and revising contracts, to screening and following up with vendors to creating a timeline for the wedding day so everything runs smooth.

Wedding planners will definitely take a BIG chunk of the stress off your shoulders.

4. Reliable Vendors

wedding photographer

In order to have an amazing wedding, you need a team of professionals; from photographers and transportation to makeup artists and musicians.

Wedding planners have a wide range of vendors relationship established and they can connect them with you so you don’t have to spend hours on the internet looking for recommendations and reviews.

5. Savings

wedding money

Believe it or not, a wedding planner can save you money by negotiating rates. Also, wedding planners have the experience to tell you what you need from a vendor so you don’t really end up paying extra for products or services you don’t need.

6. Knowledge

wedding planner

Don't think that you can rely on the internet for everything. Sometimes you will find answers that are not relevant to your own wedding, as every wedding is very different.

If you have a professional wedding planner, they will be like your Google and your right hand for all your planning needs.

Remember, they dedicate their life and career to weddings.

7. You should be 100% present the day of your wedding!

bride having fun

You (hopefully) get married only once and that day is unique, it can never be replicated!

Don’t let your wedding be a blur because of responsibilities.

You should get to enjoy every minute. If you have responsibilities to do, then your mind will not be 100% dedicated to enjoying and cherishing the whole reason for the event.

If you have a wedding planner, their team will take care of it all so your only responsibility will be to have fun and to build lifelong memories with your loved ones!

Happy planning, happy friends and family, happy guests, happy you!


Paula Anger is a Delray Beach Certified Wedding Planner, owner of Verano Events and author of *Verano's Essential Wedding Guide*. Paula has been in the event's and fashion industry for over 10 years and has worked with well-known celebrities. Connect with us:

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