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Pros & Cons of Getting Married on The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July holiday welcomes warm weather, great outdoor activities, and the endless feel of summer in the air. The season also gives brides and grooms the opportunity to add some flair to the summer wedding of their dreams especially if their wedding color scheme includes red, white, and blue!

However, as the Independence Day festivities approach, couples must consider a few pros and cons that could affect their wedding day activities.

Below is a list we have put together to help identify if the Fourth of July holiday is a good fit for you.


1. Fire Works!

wedding fireworks

Kick off your wedding night with a bang as fireworks would not only match perfectly with your Fourth of July theme, but would also look great on your wedding day photos. Besides, who doesn’t love a great fire works show?

2. You Can’t Go Wrong With "Red, White and Blue"

4th of july bride

Couples can use a variety of tones within the red, white, and blue theme to make for a customized and elegant color scheme. Additionally, you can use a variety of props to decorate the wedding reception and even play with the tones of the suits and dresses of the guys and gals in the wedding party.

3. More Wedding Guests

wedding guests

Another plus of hosting a wedding during an observed holiday is that it allows more of your wedding guests to attend as most people will be off work and kids will be off school.


1. Traffic

Since the Fourth of July is very popular for family travel, this could include more traffic than usual, especially around popular firework display areas in your city. Also consider, accommodations and transportation rates could go up during this time.

2.High Temperatures

bride and groom

Couples should plan for an area where wedding guests can cool off since temperatures will be at an all time high. It could be very uncomfortable to wear heavy clothing or itchy fabrics in the hot weather, or to be outdoors without any air conditioning or at least some fans.

3. Limited Venue Options

wedding venue

As is the case of most major holidays, couples should be cautious when looking for wedding venues, as some places will be closed or in close proximity of heavy traffic areas.

We hope these tips will help our wonderful brides and grooms in making the best choices for their wedding plans, and as always, happy planning!


Daniela Balseca is a journalist, blogger and event's assistant at Verano Events in Delray Beach, Fl. Connect with us:

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