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Pros and Cons of Having a Destination Wedding

So the day has come when he put the ring on your finger and all you can think about is tying the knot in the midst of sandy beaches or beautiful landscapes between green mountains.

Whatever destination you choose for your wedding, there are a few pros and cons that couples should consider when planning a destination wedding. If you have a bad case of wanderlust, pay close attention to the following pros and cons:

CON: Family Members and Friends You Love May Not be There

wedding guests

Unfortunately, sometimes travel arrangements; costs of stay, or medical issues could keep some of your closest family members and friends from attending the wedding.

Brides and grooms must be mindful of who they wish to have near on their wedding day, especially if it is close family that can’t make it.

*Note, this point could also be a pro for those of you who need to keep the wedding headcount to a minimum, a destination wedding might actually help out in this situation keeping your guest list smaller.

PRO: Serves as a Gateway for Guests

destination wedding

Turning your destination wedding into a mini vacation for guests is an awesome idea. Not only is it forever memorable, but your family and friends will forever thank you for inviting them to a wedding in a fun place!

CON: You Don’t Know the Location Like Your Own Home Town

destination wedding
Planning a destination wedding could become tedious, especially if it will take place in a city where you have never been before.
We recommend that you contact a wedding planner local to the area where you will have your wedding to avoid unnecessary problems.
Your wedding planner will not only provide you with the best recommendations, but will also inform you about city rules, licenses etc.

PRO: Finding the Right Location

wedding planning

So maybe you love where you live, but you are looking for a place with a little bit more spark for the occasion.

In some instances, we tend to look for opposites… if you live in a cold area, you might look for a warm place like a beach town, or if you live somewhere tropical, you might be looking for a destination with less heat and a different landscape.

Whatever your choice in weather, keep in mind that the decision is yours and you have many places to choose from!

CON: It Can be a Little More Costly

wedding savings

When traveling in general, one needs to budget for air fare/gas, hotel accommodations, food, and other expenses. It is important to remember that not only will you spend more money, but so will your wedding guests.

On the other hand, if you decide to plan your wedding locally, you could add the extra travel expenses that you would spend on a destination wedding, towards the wedding planning funds or even better…toward a honeymoon where you and your sweetheart can get a little more privacy.

We hope this list of pros and cons will help you if you are still deciding on a destination wedding. Don’t forget to check in for more detailed info on the latest tips and trends for the perfect wedding. Happy planning!


Daniela Balseca is a journalist, blogger and event's assistant at Verano Events in Delray Beach, Fl. Connect with us:

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