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3 Things To Think About Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

When it comes to the wedding dress, brides often think of white dresses ONLY. But have you ever imagined trying something that's memorable and out of the norm?

Be different and dig a little more into other options. Make a statement and decide on your wedding dress by:

1. Personality

Let's face it, brides have many different personalities: there's the traditional bride, the rebel bride, the romantic bride, the trendy bride and so on.

Depending on your personality you can choose your wedding dress. Why not trying a blush pink, gold or even black dress?

blush wedding dress

2. Location

Are you having a beach wedding? A simple dress can suit you perfectly for a beach wedding and you can compliment it with some bold accessories.

Having a rustic wedding in a rural area? Rustic areas can sometimes be muddy, so perhaps a long white dress would not be the best option; you can get a shorter dress that still looks suitable for the occasion.

short wedding dress

3. Season/Trends

If you are a chic bride who enjoys being on top of the latest trends in fashion, then the newest available wedding gowns would suit you.

Fashion shows are always ahead of time showing whats "in" for the season to come. By following your favorite fashion icons you can find your perfect inspiration.

wedding gown

The bridal dress plays a big role on the wedding day since all eyes will be on the bride. But this doesn't mean you have to wear a wedding dress that everyone is expecting you to wear.

Be different, feel comfortable but most importantly BE YOURSELF.


Paula Anger is a Delray Beach Certified Wedding Planner, owner of Verano Events and author of *Verano's Essential Wedding Guide*. Paula has been in the event's and fashion industry for over 10 years and has worked with well-known celebrities. Contact us:

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