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5 Ultimate Wedding Décor Hacks Every Bride Should Know

We understand that each bride is different, therefore, each wedding has its own special style that separates it from the rest. We’ve collected 7 simple décor hacks that can take your wedding to the next level. Feel free to incorporate these ideas into your own wedding, and even to create your own spin on them to really make your wedding your own.

1. Lanterns

Lanterns can really add a romantic and elegant twist on your wedding. Whether you fill them with twinkle lights or line them with flowers among your aisle, they provide a unique and enchanting twist on classic lights. These can also work as being great centerpieces, but the possibilities are really endless.

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2. Wine Bottles

Yes you read that right, wine bottles! Now before you begin to question, we’ve found that incorporating wine bottles into your wedding provides a touch of creativity and simplicity. Mixing different shapes and sizes with floral arrangements really makes for a statement piece.

wine wedding delray beach boca raton

3. Chalkboard Signs

We often tend to forget the amount of signage that a wedding requires; reception directions, times, or menus. You can also add your own element and make the signs match your particular style or theme. These are an inexpensive and easy way to help guide your guests.

wedding sign delray beach boca raton

4. Photo Booth

One of the most popular trends we’ve seen throughout weddings has been the addition of a photo booth. Adding this to your wedding allows you and your guests to create a memorable experience that you can take home with you. You can get creative with this, whether it be providing different props or your own special backdrop.

wedding photobooth delray beach boca raton

5. Bar Carts

This is a fairly new idea that we are completely in love with! Bars are seen as a necessity at a wedding, so it’d be common to see most of your guests piled up at the bar. Bar carts allow for guests to venture away from this congestion, and it’s also a cool way for them to make their own drinks. It’s important, however, to consider that some venues may have strict rules, preventing outside food or drinks. While some venues may provide this option themselves, it of course will be more expensive. Lastly, some venues may prefer if those serving the alcohol are licensed as well. These are all small factors to consider in order to ensure this goes smoothly.

bar cart wedding delray beach boca raton


Amanda Martinez Von Wachter is an intern and event's assistant at Verano Events in Delray Beach, Fl. Connect with us:

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