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5 Wedding Activity Trends

At a wedding, it’s not just about the couple but it’s about the guests as well. Your guests want to enjoy themselves and have fun. You want to keep your activities and up to date and exciting.

Here are some of the top five activity trends to have at your wedding.

1. Photobooths Photobooths are a very big trend for weddings. However, there are all different kinds now. You should keep your wedding different and fun with a new and improved kind of photobooth. For example, a GIF-Maker Photobooth. A GIF-Maker photobooth is a short burst video maker. Polaroid-Maker Photobooth or even a Green Screen Photobooth.

A Green Screen Photobooth can also help keep the theme of the wedding alive. For example, if the wedding is a garden theme, you can take your picture in front of a beautiful garden. This not only gives your guests a keepsake from your wedding but also gives a memory that sticks out to them.

wedding photography polaroid delray beach

2. Games with Prizes Let’s face it, everyone loves free stuff and you also want your guests to remember your wedding. That’s why having a fun game with prizes is a great activity to have at your wedding.

One example of a neat game if your wedding is more casual is to have is ring toss. You can have guests try to throw rings around a bottle. If they get one, they get a prize! Maybe a hat with your wedding date or a water bottle. Those are some cool prize ideas. If your wedding is more luxurious however, you can maybe have a nice sheet of fun facts about the couple for everyone to read. 3. Dance Floor Props Dancing is a huge part of any wedding reception and your guests want to have fun. Having things like glow sticks, or sunglasses, feather boas or even faux animal heads are props to liven up your weddings dance floor.

The more props tend to get people up out of their seats and moving around. A big dance floor trend is to have dancers or entertainers to help liven up your reception. Having someone such as a belly dancer or dancers with fire can really provide a unique night for everyone. 4. Snapchat Filter A very big activity trend that is popular for any event is having your own custom snapchat filter. Snapchat is one of the biggest social media applications today.

Having your own filter is perfect so when your guests take pictures and videos of your wedding everyone out there can know and celebrate the date with you! The pictures they take can have your own custom border which you’ll be able to cherish forever. 5. Live Wedding Painter A photographer and videographer are something almost every wedding has but, have you ever thought of having a live painter? A live painter can not only capture your wedding ceremony in a beautiful painting but your guests as well. It’s something different that can become an adored and special keepsake that can last a lifetime.

One thing to remember though, portraits take a lot longer than a quick photo So be sure to have a sign that states how long your guests should expect to be in front of the artist.


Miranda Lewis is an intern and event's assistant at Verano Events in Delray Beach, Fl. Connect with us:

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