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3 Benefits of Having an Unplugged Ceremony

Having an unplugged wedding ceremony is something more and more couples are starting to get into. If you are unsure of what an unplugged ceremony means, it’s a term where couples encourage their wedding guests to put down the phones, cameras and technology until after their ceremony so they can be there and in the moment. While technology these days can make photos clear as day and be great to share everything with the world in the matter of seconds, sometimes they technology can cause interruptions. There are some great benefits to having an unplugged ceremony.

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1. Guests will interact more. Without the distraction of their phones and social media, guests will be more likely to experience what you’ve spent months planning. Without the constant checking of the phone screen and needing to catch everything on camera, your guests will be more engaged with what is going on around them.

wedding in delray beach and boca raton florida

2. Another benefit of having an unplugged ceremony is your professional photos will not be compromised. The lack of everyone’s flash and effects going on in the background can help the professional photos you are paying for come out more clearly and better than expected. Phone flashes may cause an unflattering and unwanted lighting situation, have blinding flashes over expose the photos the photographers take.

3. Lastly, an unplugged ceremony can help secure not only your wedding day privacy but your guests’ privacy as well. A lot of people love posting and taking pictures of every moment in their lives, but other guests might not want their pictures posted online. Also, as a couple, there could be some people you did not invite to the wedding or others you don’t want to see your photos right away.

An unplugged ceremony ensures that all your guests’ wishes are being respected as well as your own.


Miranda Lewis is an intern and event's assistant at Verano Events in Delray Beach, Fl. Connect with us:

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